As we non-traditionally move into  summer, our weekends will be modified as well. Our restaurant operations will also be very non-traditional on weekends, and we want to take this opportunity to let our guests know in advance how we will be functioning.  Please note that we are still short staffed .  Our employees are all doing the best they can.  In addition we have many new staff that have had little opportunity to train, so please be patient with all of us.

Summer Hours of Operation

Thursday             11-7:30

Friday                    11-9:00

Saturday              11-9:00

Sunday                 11-7:30

Monday               Closed

Tuesday               Closed

Wednesday       11-7:30



We will be opening our upstairs dining room but at a 50% capacity.  We will not be taking reservations or call aheads.  A maximum of 6 per table is allowed so we will not be able to accommodate large groups.  There will not be places inside to congregate and wait for tables.  There will also not be places to congregate at the bar.  Drinks may be obtained upstairs but taken outside once you have them.  Once you get your pager you will need to wait outside unless we let you know your table will be ready soon.  We will not seat incomplete parties.  If your entire party is not there when you are paged we will keep you at the top of the list and will seat you at the next available table once they have all arrived.


We will continue to do the take out mode from the Bottom of the Barrel.  Please order and pay at the bar.  You will receive a text when your food is ready.  If you do not have a cell phone or your service is questionable please check back within the time specified when you ordered.  Please note that the kitchen in the lower level is extremely small.  If there is an extreme amount of orders it could take up to an hour to get your food.  We can only physically get out so much food at a time.  Food and beverages may be consumed at the tables inside and outside on the lower level.

Things we will do:

  • We have reduced the available seating upstairs and downstairs by 50% with a maximum of 6 per table and appropriate spacing.
  • The bar will be restricted to 10 bar stools distanced accordingly.  The distance in between is not for bellying up to the bar.  Please respect the distancing.
  • We will be sanitizing booths/seat/tables after  each table change
  • Condiments will be sanitized after each table change
  • Silverware will be distributed on an as needed basis and will be enclosed in plastic
  • Disposable menus will be used.  1-2 per table to save the trees.
  • It will be up to the employee as to whether they want to wear a mask.  There will be many that will choose not to.  If this is a problem it is best to wait until you are comfortable with that before coming to the Pickle.
  • High traffic areas/surfaces will be sanitized regularly
  • We will provide sanitizer in several locations throughout the restaurant for customer and employee use.
  • We will provide signage to help guide the process.  Please adhere to our requests.

Things we need you to do:

  • Please do not move tables and no more than 6 per table
  • Please respect others and maintain a 6 foot distance with those not in your party.  Please leave appropriate spacing when in line.
  • The inside of the restaurant (up and down) is for checking in (upstairs) dining, or ordering/pickup.  Please do not congregate at the bar or inside the restaurant if not doing one of those things.
  • When checking in upstairs, please have one person from your party check in with the hostess.  The rest of your party should remain outside or in your vehicle.  Same for ordering take out or drinks.  Please minimize the number of people in your party that enter the building.  There is also a pavilion down river on the other side of Smith Brothers Landing that has picnic tables.  Pagers do reach there so that is another option as a place to wait
  • Please properly dispose of your takeout items.
  • Enjoy our dock while dining at the Pickle Factory however you must remain on premise if your boat is on the dock.  This is in case there is an emergency and we need to find a boat owner.

Have a great summer and thanks for including the Pickle in your plans!  Stay Safe!!